Portable 5V 4.8W 18 Red 9 Blue USB LED Plant Grow Lamp

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Introduction of Working Principle:
Lighting environment is one of the essential important physical environment factors for plant growth and development. It is a significant technology in facility cultivation field to control plant morphogenesis via light quality regulation.

Influence of spectral ranges on plant physiology:
280nm ~ 315nm minimal effect on morphological and physiological processes.
315nm ~ 420nm little absorption of chlorophyll, photoperiodic induction is affected, and stem elongation is restrained.
420nm ~ 500nm (blue)very large absorption proportion of chlorophyll and carotenoid, and significant effect on photosynthesis.
500nm ~ 620nm low absorptivity of pigments.
620nm ~ 750nm (red)high absorptivity of chlorophyll, significant effect on photosynthesis and photoperiodic induction.
750nm ~ 1000nm low absorptivity, cell prolongation is stimulated, blossoming and seed germination are affected.
>1000nm converting into heat.

Dimensions: about 21(including USB port)*1.5*0.8cm
Weight: 30g
Voltage: 5V/USB port
Power: 4.8W (the fluctuation of 5V voltage has some impact on the actual power)
Lamp beads: 27 lamp beads(red 18; blue 9)

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  1. Raino

    The light works good, shipping was fast, thank you!

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