Three head LED Plants Growth Lamp

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Red & Blue LED Ratio for each head: 12 red light +6 blue light
Product Dimensions: lamp 19*255mm; gooseneck L300mm
Light wavelength: RED:620-630nm Blue:460-470nm

②5 Dimmable Levels
③3 Lighting Modes(Red Light, Blue Light, Red Light & Blue Light), the switching order is single head-dual head-triple head
④Timing Switch — three timer periods (4H, 8H, 12H), cycle timing for 24 hours.
Installation distance should be within 20CM away from the plant, lighting range about 20cm
Artificially filling light and promoting plant growth.
Product certification: CE, RoHS, FCC

3 reviews for Three head LED Plants Growth Lamp

  1. Sharon

    It works well for plants not getting enough light. We moved and our new place does not get as much natural light. Later I noticed that one of my plants wasn’t doing that well, so I decided to get this light for it. It’s greatly improved the health of the plant and works very well as a grow light. I’m planning to get another set for my other plants.

  2. Łucja

    These lights make my plants healthy and happy! Will purchase more!

  3. Eliel

    The light is not pretty, but very functional.
    I have a south-facing window where the plant cannot get direct sunlight due to the balcony above. Though natural light is enough to keep my low light plants alive, they grow at a reduced rate. I purchased this light mainly for cloudy days, however it’s so easy to use & set up that I just use it everyday!

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