UFO 45W Red Blue Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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Input Voltage: 85-260V
Luminous Efficiency: 450W
Actual Power: 45W
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Covering Area: 2m height
PAR Values: 142umol/m²·s(0.5m height), 76.3umol/m²·s(1m height), 45.8umol/m²·s(1.5m height), 40.2umol/m²·s(2m height)
Working Temperature: -20℃ ~ +55℃
LED chips: SMD2835 lamp beads
LED Quantity: Red:174PCS, Blue:68PCS, UV:4PCS, IR:4PCS — total 250pcs
Brightness Ratio: Red: Blue 3:1-4:1
Product Dimensions: 33.1×33.1×3.3cm/17.1×15.2×14.5inches
Shell Material: ABS
Net Weight: 780g/PCS
Gross Weight: 1.22Kg/PCS
Packing Size: 44x39x38cm/ 17.3×15.3×14.9inches

Usage Recommendations: recommended exposure time & height
Seedling stage: 16-18 hours, height 91.44-149.86cm
Vegetative growth stage: 12-16 hours, height 45.72-91.44cm
Flowering stage: 10-12 hours, height 30.48-45.70CM
Under certain environment and for certain plants, the exposure time and height should be adjusted according to the actual condition.

1 review for UFO 45W Red Blue Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

  1. Neil

    It’s compact and works great! I live in Seattle and my apartment is dark most of the time. This lamp let me have house plants. In all it’s worth the money.

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